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  • Soller Necklace

Soller Necklace


One thing I learned from my days at the shop in Palm Beach is that we all ladies need a nice chain to throw on anything and bring light into our everyday look.

Year after year I searched for that piece that even though as simple as it sounds it needs to have that extra spice to make it different form all the others out there. 

Every season I presented the winner and was always a trend in beautiful Palm Beach!

Now I'm happy to introduce the "winner" of this year, the Soller Necklace that has been created at the Balearic Islands in Spain.

A necklace that on its simplicity plays with movement and textures giving a result  of a distinctive look.

With a 34" length long that is enough to wrap twice around your neck , certainly will give you the option to wear it with all kinds of necklines.

Specifications: Brass, 18ct. Gold plating / Rhodium (forget about cleaning silver!), 34" length.