• Shannon Necklace

Shannon Necklace


It's not a surprise that we have created a new limited edition collection from a repeater of many years at our store days in Palm Beach...

We're happy to have an exclusive collection from our favorite Designer in Paris!

His designs are so magical as for the creation to their making.

The unique technique of the materials says it all, resin and dusted mother of pearl are the mix made by hand at his Mauritius Islands Atelier making each one of the pieces truly unique and that certainly will be a favorite in your jewelry box.

For this limited edition collection we decided to go for a rainbow of colors that will go with everything and most likely for every season. Night and day will be a perfect piece because of the special effect that makes the mother of pearl against light.

The Shannon Necklace is a must piece for any tunic, beautiful blouses and dresses, any color will be a perfect match!

Specifications: Gold plated, 26" length, pendant 4" length and 4" length chain to choose your alternative length.