Our Founder

Paloma Fernandez was born in Mexico City where she acquired her passion for art and fashion. She then moved to Italy to study Art History and inevitably fell in love with the Italian lifestyle, fashion and food.

A few years later, she pursued another of her dreams studying Culinary Arts in New York. In the nineties, she moved to Miami, FL to be closer to her Cuban roots and at one of the stylish capitals of the world.

Her artistic and cultural knowledge combined with her passions and interests led her to imagine a boutique that could do more than selling. A place where she could treat each client as a unique canvas so she could find the right piece for the right client, sort of a “jewelry matchmaking!”. With this concept in mind Acento was born.

It gives me great satisfaction to see that after 15 years my clients are still wearing collections from Acento’s first years. I’m Fortunate to have an eye for those pieces that will be wearable for years to come"

Paloma has the inquisitiveness needed to explore, connections with designers all over the world and more importantly she knows how to accentuate beauty with unique timeless pieces!

"I have the passion to explore what is out there; finding the pieces for you, for me, for life and it has been worthwhile."